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Chance The Rapper’s 4 new songs album: song by song review


By: Alexander Z.

I Might Need Security: 9/10

Standout lyric:

“I’m a sign to my city like the Bat-Signal”

One of Chance the Rapper’s most political songs with an abstract depiction of the meme, “Arthur’s Fist” as the cover art. This song is the strongest lyrically in the album with lines like, “I fly solo like one cup in the cabinet” and “I’m a sign to my city like the Bat-Signal.” Arguably the best song on the album due to the great lyrics and good production.

Work Out: 7/10

Standout lyric:

“I don’t want my next album sounding all Usher-y”

On this song, Chance raps about his life and how he wouldn’t change anything no matter what. Nothing in this song was specifically great or awful which is why I gave it a 7.


Wala Cam (feat. Supa Bwe & Forever Band): 6/10

Standout lyric:

“Gotta cam, it’s a movie

Make my ‘gram look like Cannes, like in France”

The idea of the song, featuring up and coming Chicago artists, is interesting. However, this song is just not what I expect from Chance. The hook is repetitive and the features aren’t anything special. Chance could have done better on this song.


65th & Ingleside: 8/10

Standout lyric: 

“Feel like you remember every single lie
Truth is I just really need your finger size
So I can make sure that they make the ring so tight”

This is the type of song I like to hear from Chance. The production on 65th and Ingleside rivals the production on I Might Need Security. Chance raps about his relationship with his child’s mother and fiancée. This allows for the song to have a very personal and charismatic feel throughout. Chance the Rapper does a great job of getting this feel across to the listener which makes it an enjoyable song to listen to. For these two reasons, it deserves an eight out of ten.

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