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What is the Best Chance The Rapper Mixtape?

By: Alexander Z.

1. Acid Rap 


best songs on the mixtape: Favorite Song, Cocoa Butter Kisses, and Juice

It is extremely hard to find a song on this mixtape that would be considered a “bad song”. Every song on this mixtape is infused with classic Chance beats and verses. Chance experiments with elements of almost every genre including jazz, soul, and gospel. All of the features (Childish Gambino, Action Bronson, Bj The Chicago Kid, and many more) on this album are spot on. Acid Rap is ranked first on best mixtapes by Chance the Rapper due to Chance’s success with such widespread experimentation of genres and features.

2. Coloring Book


best songs on the mixtape: No Problem, All We Got, and Same Drugs

Coloring Book is the most refined album by Chance The Rapper due to the help of Kayne West, Anderson .Paak, and 2 Chainz. Chance takes the listener to church filling the album with gospel-inspired songs like Angels and Blessings. The Production is equal to the production of Acid Rap, but the lyrics on Acid Rap are some of the best by Chance the Rapper. Because of the Acid Rap’s lyrical advantage over Coloring Book, we have ranked Coloring Book 2nd on this list.

3. #10day


best songs on the mixtape: Prom Night, Hey Ma, and 14,400 minutes

Chance The Rapper’s debut album lays the groundworks for some of his best work like Acid Rap and Coloring Book. On 10 day Chance shows that he only improves with age. Unfortunately, it comes in at last on this list as a result of some of the songs on 10 days not being the best work by Chance. This ultimately is attributed to inexperience and age.

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