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Astroworld by Travis Scott Review


By: Alexander Z.

Best 3 songs

1) Stop Trying To Be God 

Standout Lyric:

“Is it the complex of the saint that’s keepin’ you so, so still?”

Wow! This song is incredible. Travis enlists Kid Cudi, James Blake, and Stevie Wonder to help tell a story of Travis staying to his roots and not developing a “God Complex” like many people in his same situation. I personally loved the production of Kid Cudi’s new album and Travis brings some of the elements on Cudi’s album into this song. The production and features are spot on and allow this song to rival some of Travis’s best songs like “Maria I’m Drunk” and “Drugs You Should Try It”.


2) Sicko Mode

Standout Lyric:

“Back in high school, I used to bus it to the dance
Now I hit the FBO with duffles in my hand”

Featuring some of the biggest artists in the world I had big expectations for this song and Travis Scott, Drake, Swae Lee, and Juicy J did not disappoint. Drake and Travis go “Sicko Mode” on this song which is something I want to see more from both artists. Swae Lee also does a great job on the hook. Overall the production and features are great allowing for this song to be ranked 2nd on this list.

3) No Bystanders

Standout Lyric:

“Put it on God, he the one who put me on top
Can’t be put in a box, gotta move on the opps”

Featuring up and coming artist Juice Wrld and a chorus from Sheck Wes this song has a great production and Travis Scott goes in with an aggressive and in your face flow. This flow in this song is extremely reminiscent of the flow on Black Mass. This song doesn’t have any incredible lyrics, but has some of the best production on the album so it comes in third.

Overall Mixtape Rating: 92/100

This album is not for the Travis Scott fan that wants Travis to keep making songs and albums that are similar to songs like Drugs you should try it and Maria I’m drunk. If you are that type of fan you will most likely not like this album due to the new sound and flow that Travis creates on this album. If you want to see Travis grow as an artist, like me, then you will think this album is great. The Real question is it better than Rodeo. My answer to that question is that both albums have extremely different sounds and after a few more listens this album may grow on me enough to be equal to Rodeo. Right Now I have to say Rodeo is better because it is an almost perfect album with barely any bad songs.

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