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Watch Out For #UpNext Producer: Mark AZ


By: Alexander Z.

In today’s time, music producers arguably make or break a song. The popularity of great producers has skyrocketed due to an increase in recognition for their major contributions to songs. Producers like Metro Boomin, Mike Will Made It, and Murda Beatz have become as big as some of the artists they work with. New producers are constantly rising to fame.


One of the producers who is working his way up to the level of some of the best is up and coming Pittsburgh producer Mark AZ. Growing up Mark AZ listened to a wide range of styles and beats. From Eminem’s in your face aggressive style to Warren G’s smooth almost hypnotic style. This comes across in his production from being able to make a trap banger one day to an old-school boom-bap beat, to a sad song the next. Not only does Mark AZ take influence from the greats of the rap game, but he also takes influence from the greats of the producer scene like Kayne West and Metro Boomin. Like Travis Scott, one of Kayne West’s prodigies, Mark AZ’s specialty is with drums and 808s. Mark AZ seems to thrive with a smooth loop which allows him to show his talent for making drum and 808 basslines. You can see this talent on beats like “Homeless“, “Watch Me“, and “We Are The Ghosts“. It truly will be exciting to see how Mark AZ’s popularity and talent grow as the year goes on.


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