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ONEPOINTFIVE by Aminé Review

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By: Alexander Z.

Best 3 songs

1) Dr. Whoever

Standout Lyric:

“Birthdays these days be the worst days
‘Cause I know I’m getting older and not happier”

Arguably one of Aminé’s best songs ever. The track is framed in a way where Aminé is the patient in a confessional therapy while the listener is the therapist “Dr. Whoever”. The flow, production, and track framing on this song show Aminé has only got better from his previous album “Good For You”.


2) Reel It In

Standout Lyric:

“Gimme OPB for my ODB
These APC, do your ABC’s”

Instantly when Reel It In comes on Aminé goes in on the incredible beat by LDG Beats and Tee-WaTT. Not only is the production great, but there are many standout lyrics on this song too. Overall, Aminé and his team killed it on this track.


3) Shine

Standout Lyric:

“Butter on my fingers I’m nothing like Jerry Rice”

Aminé frames this song around a girl who he is captivated by, but can’t figure out how to handle his relationship with her. He comes in with a smooth flow over a great guitar loop by Pasqué. This song like Dr. Whoever is extremely personal which comes across to the listener allowing the listener to feel Aminé’s struggle.


Overall Album Rating 90/100

Many people felt that Aminé was a one-hit wonder with “Caroline”. Aminé on ONEPOINTFIVE proves all of his doubters wrong with some of the best song framing I have seen in the past year. Not only is the song framing great, but the production is excellent too. Aminé’s talent has gotten better in every aspect from lyrics to production. Aminé has the potential to contend with some of the best artists in the game and it will be extremely exciting to see his talent grow.

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