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Decided by YoungBoy Never Broke Again Review


Decided” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again is brimming with potential. Taking an extremely different approach to releasing music, YoungBoy has already released four albums this year. “Decided”, his fourth album of the year, has several ups and downs. YoungBoy seems to excel when the tempo (bpm) is slow which allows for him to integrate his flow with the production. You can see this on Murda, Demon Seed, and Sky Cry. These songs all received extremely high ratings in the song by song analysis because of YougBoy’s talent to mesh the production and flow. The reason why this album is not rated higher is due to the subpar songs at the end of the album. Big and 338 seem rushed to me. This may due to the sheer speed that YoungBoy is releasing his music this year. I wished that he took more time and perfected the album instead of releasing it so fast. Besides those songs, the album as a whole shows that YoungBoy has been working on his craft and his ability to work with all tempos and styles of music. I can’t wait to see what he does with his future music!


Song by Song Analysis

Sky Cry: 4.5/5

Demon Seed: 4/5

No love: 3.5/5

Black Cloud: 4/5

Murda feat. Trippie Redd: 4.5/5

Top Down: 3/5

Anomaly: 4/5

Big: 1/5

No Mentions: 4.5/5

338: 2/5

Deserved Mentions: 2/5





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