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MIH-TY by Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign Review


Best 3 songs

1) Lie 2 Me

Standout Lyric:

“Then wake up, take you shopping probably spend a lottery”

Lie 2 Me comes in as the number one song on this album due to the great production by Hitmaka and the heartfelt lyrics by Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign. Lie 2 Me’s production is, without a doubt, the best on the album. Not only is the production great, but the personal and passionate lyrics allow for the listener to empathize with Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign’s experiences. Everything from the production to the lyrics really comes together on this song and personally I think this song is one of the best from Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign’s careers thus far.

2) Surrounded (feat. Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa)

Standout Lyric:

“So let me Boogie in my hoodie, I be drownin'”

With two of the best features on this album I had high expectations for this song. Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa don’t disappoint and fit perfectly with what Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign are trying to do on this song. Surrounded has the highest potential to be on the radio due to the features, but I still feel that Lie 2 Me is a better song than Surrounded.

3) New Level

Standout Lyric:

“Ice up on the check the bezel”

Again Hitmaka shows his talent on New Level with an incredible use of a distorted sample. Even though the lyrics aren’t anything special Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign’s flow makes up for this and is key to this song working. If there more memorable lyrics on this song it could easily have been the 2nd or 1st best song on this album.

Overall Album Rating 70/100

MIH-TY didn’t receive an album rating in the 80s or 90s because of the lack of influential and outstanding songs. Many of the songs seem thrown together for the sole duty of trying to be a “radio song”. The lack of deep thought and meaning on the album comes across on songs like “Ride It” and “Take Your Time”. These songs’ lyrics use completely overused themes and include no revolutionary ideas to these common themes. Even though there may not be many great lyrics on this album the production by Hitmaka is a standout. Hitmaka’s production really seems to “click” with Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign. Overall, this album collaboration isn’t necessarily bad, and I would even say it is better than Future & Juice WRLD’s recent collaboration: WRLD ON DRUGS.

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