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Ace The $pazz Spotlight

By: Alexander Z. and Andrew M.

Ace The $pazz is an up-and-coming artist from East Rutherford, New Jersey. He has been showing on every new track he releases that he has the potential to not only be one of the best artists in New Jersey, but in the world. Usually the surroundings and family of an artist play a major role in the music the artist creates. Ace’s case is no different from this trend. His father and uncle played a key role in Ace’s career. When he was young, Ace had a troubled childhood. To get away from the hard area he lived in, his uncle used to take him to Dairy Queen to play Palace, a popular card game. Ace started playing Palace with his uncle at the age of seven, and it took him four years to finally beat him. The card he beat his uncle with was the ace. In response to his nephew beating him, his uncle nicknamed him Ace because, “nothing could top that card and nothing could top him”. Ever since that day the nickname Ace has stuck with him.


On the music side, his family and city played a vital role in his influences. His father and uncle both loved listening to rock music. This love of rock rubbed off on Ace too. The general love of hip-hop and rap that was present in East Rutherford also made its mark on Ace. These two genres heavily influence his current music and can be seen in his two most recent songs “Fame ft. JREP” and “Floating“.


Ace started out as a producer creating and selling beats. After working on his flow and lyrical skills, he decided to start recording music five months ago. His natural flow and lyrical ability are extremely impressive. I have never seen such initial abilities after only five months of recording. Ace’s initial skill may be due to the unique way in which he records his music. After receiving a beat from his producer he sits down for 30 to 60 minutes and freestyles over a loop of the beat. After taking verses from one of these freestyle sessions, he comes up with the hook. Many artists struggle with verses and decide to not put much emphasis on them, but Ace seems to thrive with them creating great verses which make him stand apart from other artists. If Ace continues to make these massive improvements in his flow and lyrical ability, then the sky is the limit.

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