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Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums of 2018

10. Invasion of Privacy by Cardi B


Standout songs include: Bodak Yellow, I like it, and Bartier Cardi 

This album is filled to the brim with anthems that we will be hearing for years to come. Songs like Bodak Yellow and I like it are almost impossible to sing along with. Cardi’s ability to create such huge radio hits is what makes Invasion of Privacy come in as the tenth best album of this year.

9. Everything is Love by The Carters


Standout songs include: Apesh•t, Boss, and Nice

Instead of using therapy to repair the rifts in the carter’s relationship they used this collaborative album as their own personal sort of therapy. Utilizing the listener almost as the therapist, listening in to their challenges and problems in the their relationship, causes this album to have a tense vibe. This aspect of the album is an innovative way for Beyoncé and Jay Z to deal with their problems and makes this an interesting listen.

8. Harlan & Alondra by Buddy


Standout songs include: Shine, Trippin, and Black

Harlan & Alondra gives a glimpse into what has happened to Buddy from his debut to his current album “Harlan & Alondra”. Harlan & Alondra’s funky bass line and Buddy’s authentic story of his rise through the rap scene really makes this album a must listen.

7. Room 25 by Noname


Standout songs include: Ace, Don’t Forget About Me, and Prayer Song 

Room 25 truly is a fun project. Noname throughout this album tells emotional, intimate stories that allows the listener to empathize with her pain. Room 25 comes across as self-aware and surprisingly funny which in turn causes an interesting dynamic between the two. This dynamic causes this project to be a really fun listen and is which is why it’s the 7th best album of this year.

6. Some Rap Songs by Earl Sweatshirt


Standout songs include: Shattered Dreams, December 24, and The Mint 

After not releasing an album since 2015, Earl Sweatshirt had a lot to prove on Some Rap Songs. Earl Sweatshirt’s Some Rap Songs is an album that embodies the idea of efficiency. Being 15 minutes long and only having 25 songs Earl Sweatshirt doesn’t waste any lines or words on subpar bars. This aspect of Some Rap Songs really pushes Earl to only include the best of the best of his lyrics. This comes across in the quality of the album and is really what allowed for it to be the 6th best album of the year.

5. Care For Me by Saba


Standout songs include: BUSY / SIRENS, LIFE, and LOGOUT

Previously known for his collaborations with Chance the Rapper, Saba really came out this year as an up-and-coming artist with Care For Me. Like many of the albums on this list, the production and lyricism are truly special. Where Care For Me really stands out among these other great albums is the raw emotion that Saba includes on many of the songs. Songs like “Life” and “Busy / Sirens” demonstrate Saba’s ability to get his emotions across to the listener. For this reason Care For Me was able to get 5th on this list.

4. TABOO | TA13OO by Denzel Curry


Standout songs include: CLOUT COBAIN | CLOUT CO13A1N, SUMO | ZUMO, and SIRENS | ZIRENZ

TABOO | TA13OO highlights Denzel Curry’s remarkable talent to create complex lyricism while still maintaining his classic mosh-pit energy. Previously, a highly underrated artist this album really brought Denzel a lot of much deserved recognition.

3. Daytona by Pusha T


Standout songs include: What Would Meek Do?, If You Know You Know, and The Games We Play 

The contemporary boom-bat production by Kayne West on this album is exceptional. Not only is the production incredible, but Pusha T’s lyrics are a standout on this album too. Lyrcis like:

“Between God and where the Devil’s at/Had to double dutch and double back/Then hopscotch through where the trouble’s at/Exactly what the game’s been missin’/This fire burns hot as Hell’s Kitchen”

really show that Pusha T is at the top of his game on this album.

2. Kids See Ghosts by Kid Cudi


Standout songs include: Fire, 4th Dimension, and Reborn

Kids See Ghosts is by far Kayne’s best production on any album in 2018. Kid Cudi’s melodic depth and lyrics mesh perfectly with Kayne’s production allowing for it to be the 2nd best album of this year.

1. Astroworld by Travis Scott


Standout songs include: STARGAZING, SICKO MODE, and CAN’T SAY

Even with the high expectations, Travis Scott didn’t fail to impress on this year’s best album of the year: Astroworld. The features to the production on Astroworld were exceptional. Don’t be surprised if in ten years time this album is still influencing up and coming producers and artists with it’s advanced and complex sound.

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