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The WIZRD by Future Hndrxx review

Best 3 songs

1) Crushed Up

Standout Lyric:

“I put five pointers in the face, you can see it”

The debut single, Crushed Up, off of “The WIZRD” sees Future discussing his lifestyle and love for diamonds. Crushed up is the best technical song on this album with a great flow, beat, and mastering which displays the talent of the team around him. This song, being a trap hit, is a classic Future song that reminds me of the style being some of Future’s greatest songs like “Move That Dope” and “Where Ya At”.

2) Never Stop

Standout Lyric:

“Now I Double R and Ghost it up, I feel spacious”

Intro songs in the past year have been some of the most important on any Hip-Hop album. “Never Stop”, serving as the intro track, follows this trend and is key to starting this album out on a high note. Future on “Never Stop” plunges the listener into his life and struggles. This type of introspective song is rare for Future and it’s exciting to see him continuing to develop his style with unique songs like this.

3)  First Off (ft. Travis Scott)

Standout Lyric:

“I put the Patek water on, but I got options”

Future and Travis Scott on “First Off” exchange verses detailing their luxurious lifestyles while looking back at their journey to the top. Travis doesn’t disappoint on this song coming in with great verses like, “Used to spend checks on my Nikes, now they pay me”. Future also shows has some great lines on this song which you can see with the standout lyric. Overall, this song further proves that Future and Travis make great collaborations.

Overall Album Rating 70/100

This album definitely isn’t on the level of Future’s classics like “DS2” and “FUTURE”, but it is a major improvement from his last solo album: “BEASTMODE 2”. The main thing that this album accomplishes is showing that Future still has the potential to make classic trap songs. Hopefully, he continues to get out of the slow decline he has been in ever since “BEASTMODE 2” by making his next album one of his best.

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