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Death Race for Love by Juice WRLD Review



Best 3 songs

1) Maze

Standout Lyric:

“I chase thrills, you still crashin’ Hot Wheels”

Maze is the second song off of Juice WRLD’s sophomore album: “Death Race for Love”. In Maze, Juice WRLD describes his feelings as a maze in which he’s stuck in. He then goes on to illustrate his pattern of taking drugs to numb his pain, and losing his mental without drugs as the same type of maze his feelings are in. This imagery of Juice WRLD’s maze of drug use and feelings is a complex and powerful image for the listeners. The imagery and impressive lyrics from Juice WRLD on Maze is what allowed for it to be the best song on this album.

2) Make Believe 

Standout Lyric:

“Me and Stan, we alike, but he ain’t nicer than me
He was drunk drivin’, me, I’m just straight Perc-ules”

Make Believe includes the best production on “Death Race For Love”. The sample of Runnin’ by The Pharcyde creates a sound extremely similar to J. Cole’s “Forest Hills Drive”. While paying homage to J. Cole with the production, Juice WRLD also pays homage to Eminem’s Stan through the lyrics. Juice WRLD’s twist on this unlikely combination of vintage J. Cole and Eminem works perfectly. By updating both of these styles Juice WRLD is able to take a modern take on these classic songs.

3) The Bees Knees

Standout Lyric:

“Chasing the lean, rotting my brain, honestly
Drugs the only thing that’s faithful to me”

The Bees Knees is the 16th track on “Death Race for Love”. In this song, Juice WRLD describes how he isn’t worried about any of his competitors, and that he’ll make his money no matter what. He also states that no matter how many drugs he does, he still won’t feel complete. The song features two beats, with a beat switch, the first being a choppy and murky sound, in which he raps with a relatively fast flow. The second beat is more upbeat, in which he slows down his flow. The first part of the song is arguably the best music I’ve ever heard from Juice WRLD. His flow seems to fit perfectly with the choppy sound causing for the two to meld flawlessly. The second beat is not nearly as good as the first and it what really caused The Bees Knees to not be placed as number one of the album.

Overall Album Rating 90/100

Death Race for Love is Juice WRLD’s second studio album, released on March 8th, 2019. The albums boasts features from Young Thug, Clever, and Brent Faiyaz. Juice WRLD’s sophomore album shows major improvement in everything from his production to flow. This album boasts numerous great songs that you will hear all over the radio for 2019. The only thing that pulled this album back from going into the 95-100 range was Juice WRLD’s lack of variety. Personally, I wanted to see more pure emo and rock on this album instead of the numerous digitally produced songs. If Juice can continue to expand the variety of his music then he will only continue to grow from here and could possibly make it into the 95-100 range for his next album.

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