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Adala Spotlight

After only one year of starting his music career, Adala has garnered a large fanbase due to his unique sound and determination to make it to the top. Motivated by the group of people around him Adala has continued to improve everything from his flow to mixing. His dedication to improvement can be seen from the sheer difference in quality from his first song ever released “what it do” to one of his recent releases “neva change“.

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One of the main reasons for this considerable difference in quality is Adala’s willingness to continue to adapt and change his sound. In the beginning, Adala’s music was heavily influenced by Juice Wrld, but as Adala has continued to create, his music has complexified. His experimentation can be seen readily in his most recent EP: her love. In her love Adala exhibits his ability to completely switch styles and still have success. If Adala continues to experiment and improve his musical variety then the sky is the limit for his potential success.




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