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What happened to Kayne West’s “Yandhi”?

Kayne West’s ninth studio album “Yandhi” was supposed to originally release on September 29th, 2018. Since “Yandhi” failed to materialize on the original release date, it has been struck with numerous delays by Kayne West. With many eager fans waiting to listen to the album, questions have been raised behind the continued wait. Is it because of Kayne’s need to perfect the album or is it something completely different?

kanye-west5-620x412After some recent legal documents have emerged, the real reasons behind the delays have come to light. In a recent lawsuit, Kayne’s Lawyers have stated that both his record label and publish company have been taking advantage of him. In this lawsuit, the hip-hop star is asking a judge to free him from obligations from his record label Def Jam. If the request is granted Kayne will have full access over his masters and the royalties of his future work. Because of this messy lawsuit Kayne has reportedly delayed “Yandhi” in order for the album to not be mixed up in any contractual obligations. As seen with Lil Uzi Vert and Frank Ocean, these contractual obligations can delay albums for multiple years. Unfortunately, for many Kayne fans the album looks to be going down the same long and difficult road as other albums in the same situation such as Eternal Atake and Blonde. If you’re a Kayne fan I’m sorry to say, but it looks like the wait for “Yandhi” may still be for many months to come.


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