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Best 3 songs


Standout Lyric:

“What’s  the point of havin’ a best friend if you end up losin’ him?”

A gut-wrenching and authentic track, “DEARLY DEPARTED” focuses on an ex-member of the group – Ameer Vann, and explores the impact of his actions on the group collectively and individually. Arguably BROCKHAMPTON’s most mature track, “DEARLY DEPARTED” shows how far the group has come. From incredible vocal contributions by Joba to reflective verses from Keven Abstract & co. “DEARLY DEPARTED” is arguably one of the best songs not only from this album, but from their whole career (so far).



Standout Lyric:

“Baby wanna raid the whole apartment like the FBI
Takin’ everything, from pots and pans to fans and Goldeneye”

“NO HALO” was the fourth single from GINGER and was accompanied with a music video on August 22nd, 2019. The song features the group speaking on their imperfections and going into heavy topics such as failed relationships, breakups, troubled mental health, and substance abuse. “NO HALO”, similar to “DEARLY DEPARTED”, is filled with genuine and down-to-earth lyrics (two attributes rare for much of the Hip-Hop genre). The song also features a bridge from popular Alternative artist, bearface, in which he discusses, in four incredible verses, the effects of fame. BROCKHAMPTON did an incredible job on this track with the magnificent lyrics and production making it the 2nd best song on this album.



Standout Lyric:

“I been in the cockpit, I been in the cabin (Right)
Take the eagle out just to ride around the planet (Right)”

With an upbeat production and energetic lyrics, “BOY BYE” arguably has the best chance of any song on the album of gaining massive commercial success due to the track having many of the qualities that have characterized recent commercially viable tracks. While “BOY BYE” may not have many of the same heavy lyrics as the previously mentioned songs it still is a fun listen and features great production by Kiko Merley, Romil Hemnani & Jabari Manwa allowing for it to come in as the third best song on the album.


Overall Album Rating 85/100

GINGER is BROCKHAMPTON’s fifth studio album and clearly shows that, even with the loss of an integral part of their group, they will only get better as time goes on. Seen with songs like “DEARLY DEPARTED” and “NO HALO” BROCKHAMPTON have lyrically and ethically matured. The lyrics and production throughout the album seem to be immensely more complex and self-aware than the SATURATION trilogy. While some fans may prefer BROCKHAMPTON’s previous albums which featured a much more young and in your face sound, GINGER shows a new sound which, in my opinion, complements the talents of each artist significantly more. Even though BROCKHAMPTON made massive strides towards becoming a greater group musically, I still feel they haven’t reached their peak and due to that, I have decided to give this album an 85/100.




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