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Over It by Summer Walker Review

Best 3 songs

1) Come Thru ft. Usher

Standout Lyric:

“Got me takin’ a step on the wild side Cuttin’ all ties With them other guys”

Summer Walker connects with R&B superstar Usher on “Come Thru” for a smooth track which interpolates Raymond’s 1997 track “You Make Me Wanna…”.  The song finds them singing about their respective lovers and how they’ve impacted them – leaving them wanting to “come thru” in the late night. The song’s production and silky smooth riffs put Summer’s talent on full display for listeners. Even though Usher does a great job on this song, Summer Walker is truly the one who shines and her incredible performance on this song allowed for it to be the best on the album.


2) Drunk Dialing

Standout Lyric:

“Too much Patrón’ll have you callin’ his phone or Have you wantin’ some more”

Summer Walker on “Drunk Dialing” utilizes many musical techniques to masterfully relay a common experience of “sip[ing] and dial[ing]”. At the beginning of the song Summer addresses how liquor can cause you to make bad mistakes. The song then suddenly switches to a poetic ballad where she claims how she loves a man who isn’t mature enough to be in a relationship. By suddenly switching the song, Summer is able to emphasize how fast her views towards “her man” changed. Small things like this may go unnoticed, but these elements show how far Summer has come from her first few albums.


3) Body

Standout Lyric:

“Wouldn’t wanna plead But my heart, my mind and my body is sayin’ (Sayin’, sayin’)”

Quoted saying this is her favorite track, Summer kills it on “Body”. Sampling 702’s hit song from the 90s “Get it Together” Summer takes a common experience, that may seem irrational to some, and displays the factors which control these irrational behaviors. Syncing the heart, mind, and body is ultimately the main theme in this song. Due to Summer’s intelligent lyrics, she is able to relate to her listeners in “body” and end the song by giving listeners some advice – to leave the body and heart out of love and use your mind.


Overall Album Rating 80/100

Over It is the debut studio album by Summer Walker. The album was preceded by the singles “Girls Need Love (Remix)”, “Playing Games”, and “Stretch You Out”. While this album may not have the same standout single as Last Day of Summer, it overall is a much better album than any of her previous releases. Reminiscent of a lot of 90s R&B, Summer takes an interesting modern take that flawlessly combines both eras. The only criticism I have on this album is that I felt sometimes that it lacked some of those very slow and experimental songs that she had on other works; however, this album still was great in my opinion and is why I gave it an 80/100.



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