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3 Rappers Turned Actors That Failed Miserably As Movie Stars

The Game


Born into a life of violence and hardship in Compton, CA, The Game was surrounded by gang-related crime from a very early age. Deciding to focus on more righteous activities, he began to become extremely focused on athletic and eventually Hip-Hop success. While it is commonly known, that The Game normally succeeds as whatever he puts his mind, to his scowl and hardcore demeanor didn’t translate well to film with many forgettable performances in ‘Street Kings’, ‘Waist Deep’, and the ill-advised ‘Belly 2’. Even though he made a valiant effort, it turns out rapping is really what The Game should stick to.

50 Cent


Born Curtis James Jackson III in Queens, 50 Cent survived stabbings, shootings, crack dealings, multiple incarcerations, and many other calamities and near-misses until he eventually drew lyrically from his experiences to propel himself to one of the most influential rappers of the modern era. While 50 Cent found widespread fame and success from his music, he seemed to no be as adept to the big screen. Initially, 50 Cent seemed poised for a bright movie career ahead of him as he was so proficient at portraying his life experiences to a wide audience; however, this skill, unfortunately, didn’t transfer to the big screen as his debut feature film ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ failed miserably in the box office and among critics. His subsequent acting roles have also remained sub-par even with his supposed further studying of the craft.



Following in the footsteps of Ice-T, LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur, and countless other rappers, DMX started his career on the big screen with his gritty and real role in Belly (1998). Unfortunately, Belly was crucified by critics for its poor acting and unoriginal storyline. His subsequent roles weren’t much better, except for his portrayal in Never Die Alone. Hopefully, fresh out of rehab, he can make a buckle down and make a comeback.

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