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Deepr App Review

A spin on popular music identifying apps, Deepr “seeks to introduce song credits in a fun, new way.” An interesting take on creating personalized playlists, the Deepr app helps to inform listeners about, commonly unrecognized, essential creatives behind the songs users love.


Using the Deepr App

Upon launching the app, users are faced with a large scuba helmet in the middle of the screen. When clicked, the app automatically identifies any music playing in the background. Where this app differs from other similar competitors is their introduction of song credits with their signature “Deepr View”.

The apps other buttons are very simple and intuitive to new users. At the bottom of the screen, there are 5 buttons: Home, Search, Playlists, History, and Settings. Deepr’s integration with major streaming services is extremely helpful as searched song can easily be put into a playlist of the user’s choice.


The Deepr View Feature

Learning and writing about music over the past few years, I have gained a deeper appreciation for the unknown creatives behind the greatest music of the past decade. That’s why I really quite like the Deepr View feature because many common listeners don’t know about the famous sound engineers or producers in the industry. I think with an app like this the public can be more readily informed about the major players in the whole music industry instead of just the artists.


Final Thoughts

Personally, I believe an app like this, if widely used, could easily transform the way in which common listeners appreciate music. As producers have continued to gain more mainstream popularity, the industry has begun to take notice of the listener’s increased admiration for the best producers. I think a tool like Deepr View coincides perfectly with this trend and will soon become an essential app for all listeners. The only thing that I would like this app to maybe feature in the future, that no other competitor has, is a way in which to recognize the music behind famous Tik-Toks. Otherwise, I think this app has begun with a great start and with further iterations will surely become more popular.

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