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DanceFight App Review

DanceFight, founded by Rich Sloan and Ryan Jordan, is the world’s first dance competition app. DanceFight seeks to allow users to “express … themselves like never before” by showing off their “dance moves to friends and family”. The app brings a refreshing take on social media sites with the introduction of competitive and fun “dance fights”.


Using the DanceFight App

Upon launching the app, users are faced with a home page filled with “dance fights” from their favorite creators. Users can then either vote on who won or even join in with their own “dance fights”. Where the app differs from comparable competitors is with their access to an immense music library of trending and popular songs. Another interesting aspect of the app is the online leaderboard which rewards users for winning by raising their ranking.


The Interface

At the bottom of the app there are five very simple and intuitive buttons: Home, Search, Create, Notifications, and Leaderboard. As a new user it was fairly straightforward and simple to quickly understand the app. I also enjoyed how simple it was to join or create a “dance fight”. With joining a new app like this there can sometimes be a learning curve to the way in which to create a video; however, it was very straight forward in my case which allowed for me to quickly jump into the action.


Final Thoughts

Personally, I quite enjoyed this app. As a fan and writer of all things music I thought this app was a very creative concept. Currently, the user base is still relatively small, but as more people join I think the app could get considerably better with some very interesting potential events such as, something along the lines of, a march madness type tournament or an Olympics like “dance fight”. Either way this app will only get better with further updates. The only thing I would like to see in the future would be a revamped explore page potentially with trending hashtags or creators, but my experiences with the app so far have only been good and I would recommend it to any fan of music or dance.

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