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HUNNAV & Co. shine on “Manifest”

Based out of the Massachusetts area, HunnaV is a Hip-Hop artists with a knack for creating modern, smooth songs. His talent has begun to be noticed by fans and artists alike with song collaborations with Dax, Eazy Mac, Just Juice, and many others. Recently, HunnaV teamed up with Just Juice, John Nonny & Eric Reprid to create an uplifting song to inspire listeners to “Manifest” their dreams.

One thing that HunnaV has certainly mastered is getting the most out of his featured artists. Every single artist on “Manifest” shines with their own unique flows and quick wordplay. With a fast, 808 heavy production, and an inspiring hook, “Manifest” has all the ingredients for a summertime hit. Don’t be fooled though as the hook isn’t the only part of the song with standout lyrics. Throughout “Manifest”, every artist comes on with impressive verses including bars such as “I ain’t getting taxed/ I’m like Wesley when I snipe”. It will be exciting to see if these artists work together again on any future projects.

HunnaV has continued to release song after song with impressive production and lyrics. After touring begins to pick up again, don’t be surprised if you see him performing in some of the best venues near you.

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