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HunnaV & Costa step into the spotlight with blazing new EP

Massachusets based Hip-Hop artist, HunnaV has been making waves recently for his smooth and hard hitting singles. Teaming up with fellow artist Costa, HunnaV released his new sonically adventurous EP Drunk Words & Sober Thoughts.

Hunnav EP.jpg

Costa and HunnaV masterfully craft five completely unique songs on Drunk Words & Sober Thoughts. From club bouncing production on “Sober” and “Woke Freestyle” to deeply heartfelt lyrics on “Lucky” and “Demons” the duo does it all on this EP. Where their talent really shines is with their immensely impressive production and flow. Each song on this album instantly transports you into the world of Drunk Words & Sober Thoughts. HunnaV and Costa are able to switch flows at the drop of a dime as they flawlessly weave the listener through this journey of highs and lows via. their incredible production and personal lyrics.

Many artists of today, are able to excel in one genre, but struggle when it comes to diversity in their music. HunnaV and Costa on this EP show that they are not like most artists creating a diverse experience filled with a plethora of different genre influences. HunnaV has shown over his past few releases that he only gets better with time. Costa too makes an incredibly strong debut on this EP showing that he will be a force in the genre as time goes on. Watch out for these two in the future and don’t be surprised if you start hearing them on your local radio stations. 



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