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R3n releases alluring new single Popstar (feat. Joey Nato & Chvse)

Based out of Orlando, R3n is an artist known for his versatility and intricate word play. At only 18 years old, he serves as an inspiration for all of his listeners. Through his music he’s been able to conquer depression and spread the true power music can bring to us all. His new single “Popstar” masterfully weaves through his life bringing together his introspective lyrics and hard hitting production to create a fiery release uniquely his own.

With his first collaboration, R3n seems to have already mastered getting the most out of his featured artists. Overtop of a fast, 808 heavy production, each artist shines in their own light with unique flows and quick wordplay throughout. R3n creates a truly immersive atmosphere for listeners allowing for them to learn from his experiences and come out as a more grounded and inspired person.

R3n has continued to show throughout the year how gifted he really is. Compounding his hard hitting production with an ever-improving pen game, he looks to only be going up from here.

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