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Tokyo’s Revenge Tantalizes Fans With Holiday EP Release “Lilium”

Tokyo’s Revenge has by all metrics mastered the art of setting himself apart. Besides his unique and peculiarly exotic name, the rapper is one of the most mysterious and recluse artists in the game. He has managed to keep a lot of the personal details to his life such as his place of birth, government name, and age secret which is an intriguing wonder. What he is undeniably good at is unveiling exemplary music. His latest project Lilium is adequate proof of this.

A follow up to his September release 7VEN, Tokyo’s Revenge explores his vocal abilities and songwriting prowess extensively on Lilium. An EP of four songs, Lilium is a compact and concise body of work that gives Tokyo’s Revenge adequate room to showcase his artistry without saturating the listener with too much content.

The emotive Nothinglastsforever ushers the listener into the project. The song is a heartfelt dedication to Tokyo’s best friend Jordan who passed away. The acoustic instrumental, upon which he lays his vocals, is laced with emotion and evokes feelings of sadness and nostalgia while expressing love for a departed loved one. As Tokyo himself succinctly puts it, “Not everything’s gonna be around forever” and so the song is “about closing a certain chapter and moving forward.”

The groovy, 24kGoldin assisted joint Sorry! is a lively, high-energy song with hard-hitting trap drums that finds Tokyo alternating between fast rapping and singing. Even though Lilium is overall a somber project, the song Sorry is deviant from that prevailing theme. The song has an arrogant and defiant tone to it that is enhanced by the equally insolent lyrics such as “I hit the back of your Rari, sorry but I am not sorry.” The anthemic track will definitely be a party favorite.

On Insomnia, Tokyo switches back to soulful singing with a melodious acoustic instrumental in the backdrop. The song has a melancholic streak to it and Tokyo’s mellow, silvery vocals give it a calming and soothing characteristic. The 808-laden cut Saviour is a perpetuation of Tokyo’s sonic versatility and exploration of fusing influences of various genres to produce emotionally-compelling songs. 

With Lilium, Tokyo has further demonstrated his exceptional versatility and ability to make good music regardless of genre. The project’s thematic and sonic content is well balanced, and there is continuity and flow throughout the body of work. Tokyo has a promising musical future and Lilium just inched him closer to the peak of musical superstardom.   

Score: 75/100  

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