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Doja Cat shines on new alluring single “Generous”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Doja Cat has mastered the art of setting herself apart. Besides her unique name, the rapper has garnered widespread fame from novel sources. With the help of viral videos on YouTube and viral sounds on TikTok, Doja Cat has been able to soar through the charts with hits “Say So”, “Juicy”, and “Tia Tamara”. Her fiercely explicit, yet intoxicating lyrics and contrasting personality have made her an undeniably unique artist known for unveiling outstanding music. Her newest release “Generous” is only further proof of this.

A deeply passionate and smooth single, Doja Cat shows her immense range on “Generous”. The downtempo song heavily contrasts that of the very high tempo pop songs that rose her to stardom. Doja, however, crafts a beautiful single reminiscent of seductive R&B from the 90s. The sultry, well-crafted lyrics about giving to a partner bring the listener into the deeply personal thoughts of Doja. “Generous” clearly shows to all listeners the genre-less artist that Doja Cat truly is and the incredible ease in which she’s able to switch from a pop hit to a downtempo R&B single.

After Doja Cat’s incredible success so far in 2020, winning two American Music Awards, she only looks to be going up from here with new singles like “Generous”. Now there hasn’t been any word yet on if her future album will further playoff 90s R&B, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her continue to show her multi-faceted talent on forthcoming projects.

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